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Article: Interior Design: How to Find the Right Lighting

Interior Design: How to Find the Right Lighting
Interior Design

Interior Design: How to Find the Right Lighting

Do you ever find yourself dreaming in interior design land for finding the perfect lighting fixtures in your home? Longing for glowing bulbs and a warm ambiance that’ll make your friends and family do a double take? Well, you’re not alone!

When it comes to interior design, there are few things that can make or break a space like lighting can. The right lighting fixtures can make all the difference. But how do you know which fixtures to choose?

Sure, you can always head over to your local home improvement store, get something off the shelf, and call it a day–but where's the fun in that?

Today, I'm here to share with you my insider insights as an interior designer. From placement to wattage–I'm going to give you all the intel on the best lighting fixtures for your home. Get ready to light up your life!


Let’s twist all of that into a fun riddle - what has to check off 3 boxes and make your friends jealous? That’s right, your new light fixtures! Now lets get into what makes interior design so special.

So, what makes a light fixture great? Well, first of all, it should be functional – able to provide the kind of lighting you need in order to perform various tasks in the space. Secondly, it should be esthetically pleasing – combining form and function in creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. And lastly, it should have cutting-edge design elements – this will set your space apart from the rest and help it stand out from its competitors.

When it comes to selecting fixtures for your home, focus on finding that perfect combination of these 3 elements. With a few strategic decisions, you will craft a unique space that will take you around the world in just one look!


We all know that the perfect movie always has good lighting, and it’s no different for your home from an interior design perspective. Whether you’re going for a moody and atmospheric environment or a cheery, bright one, there are plenty of light fixtures to meet your every whim.

First there’s ambient lighting – think cozy floor lamps or even wall sconces that enhance the room with a warm glow. Then there’s task lighting – pendant lights, recessed lights, or even desk lamps that provide enough light to help you read without straining your eyes or cramping your neck. Last but far from least is accent lighting – showy statement pieces like a chandelier or a track light system that leave everyone in awe of your abode’s brilliance.

Each type of lighting offers its own effect, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Whether you go big and bold or small and subtle, your perfect light fixtures will help bring that special touch to make your home picture perfect.


Where do the pros go when they're looking for the most stylish light fixtures? You better believe it—they go directly to the source. High-end lighting stores are interior designers' bread and butter when it comes to finding just the right fixture. Cast your eye around these kinds of shops, and you'll be sure to find an abundance of beautiful pieces that won't break your budget.

So if you've ever wondered what goes into finding the perfect light fixture, here's a hot tip:

  1. Research: Open your eyes, peek around in different furniture stores, and take note of design language as well as prices
  2. Establish a goal: Set yourself a budget and a desired style—this will help narrow down choices and save time
  3. Ensure quality-check: Check product labels for certification marks that show quality standards are being met
  4. Get creative: Don't forget about DIY options either! You can always use lighting accents like lamps or wall sconces to create an interesting look with fewer resources

So there you have it—now you know where to look for truly standout light fixtures that'll leave your visitors saying ""wow!”


When it comes to light fixtures, interior designers have you covered! Although there are a lot of small details associated with selecting and placing the right lighting fixtures, here are a few tips that can help guide you along the way:

  1. Know Your Space: Before you invest in any light fixture, make sure to measure the space and take note of any furniture that could disrupt the light you need.
  2. Lighting Mix: Mixing up your lighting is important! Consider a variety of task lamps, wall sconces, overhead pendants and chandeliers to provide sufficient light throughout your room.
  3. Setting the Mood: Different materials and finishes can create different moods in your space: bright aluminum for a modern look or warm brass for a laidback vibe.
  4. Keep It Simple: Last but not least, keep it simple! A subtle light fixture can make all the difference without stealing away from other elements in your room.


Lighting may be functional, but it's also one of the best ways to add an elegant touch to your home. So let’s talk lighting fixtures and how you can choose not only the right style, but the best possible way to light up your home without breaking your budget.

As an interior designer, here are some things I keep in mind when selecting a light fixture:

  1. The size of the space: It's all about how much light you need to fill your room, as well as not overpowering it. That's why it's important to measure both the ceiling height and square footage of your space before shopping for light fixtures.
  2. The kind of lighting: Do you want ambient lighting, task lighting or accent lighting? For example, if you need a light fixture for reading or task-related activities, that calls for a focused beam LED lamp or track lighting system. On the other hand, if you're looking for something that blends seamlessly with a living room or bedroom setting, then opt for chandeliers and pendants with a diffused effect.
  3. The design: Whether you go modern or traditional—with materials such as wood and metal—make sure that the overall design ties in with the rest of your home decor while still standing out on its own at the same time.


As an interior designer, you know that lighting can make or break a design. It's almost like a magic wand—a few twinkles and glints here and there, and suddenly your space is transformed. With the right light fixtures, you can finally see the potential of your space.

But before you start picking out fixtures, know this: your lighting has to be just right for the room, its size, dimension, and color scheme. To determine what type of lighting will work best for each area in your home, ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of atmosphere am I trying to create? Is it a warm, inviting bath with candles? A cozy family room with soft accent lighting? A bright open kitchen that's perfect for cooking classes?
  • What will be the main attraction in this space? Are we overlooking a beautiful view? Creating an accent wall or showcase piece of art?
  • What kind of fixtures will contribute to that overall vision? Should we focus on task lighting and floor or ceiling lamps? Aim for spotlights or sconces to highlight certain areas or features?

The key is to strike the right balance between design and functionality—and it all begins with light fixtures. So pick wisely!


In conclusion, while shopping around for the best lighting fixtures, don't forget to have a bit of fun with it and trust your gut. After all, it's your home, and the right light fixtures will be worth the effort to create a unique and inviting atmosphere that has you and your guests oohing and aahing. Just remember, the ultimate goal is to make sure everyone is jealous of your lighting fixtures. Everyone loves a bit of envy if done with style & respect!

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